Painting Class Supply List

  1. Reference materials (some will be provided)
  2. Pencils and Sketch pad
  3. Extension Cord
  4. Table lamp
  5. Scharff Brushes No. 1,2, or 3 (fine line/good point)
  6. Larger brush for base coats No. 6-10 filberts are good
  7. Palette paper and Palette Knife for Color Mixing
  8. Water Container
  9. Paper Towels
  10. Spray Bottle to keep paint wet
  11. Gesso (liquitex brand regular white gesso) DO NOT GET LIQUITEX BASICS
  12.  Stiff Brush for Application
  13. Hair Dryer
  14.  Acrylic Paints (Josh uses liquitex heavy body paint for his birds) You can also use Jo sonja for practicing. 
  15. Several sheets of card stock white paper (for practicing and painting notes)
  16. Paint stick with a screw end and base to hold your bird while painting
  17. Color wheel
  18. Container to keeps your paints wet (paint pallet with lid)

Josh will be providing and mixing paints for everyone, so you will not need to purchase themBasic colors Josh uses (ACRYLIC PAINTS-Liquitex-heavy body) :Ivory black, Raw umber, Raw sienna, Titanium white, Yellow ochre (oxide), Cad. red medium, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, Mars black, Ultramarine blue, Cad. yellow medium

If you have any questions please call Josh 224-629-0581 or e-mail [email protected].