Open Studio

These classes are held weekly on Wednesday evenings as long as Josh is in town. Josh also teaches a full Saturday class once a month. Please check the schedule for specific dates. An Open Studio class allows students to start a new project or get help on any current project they are working on. Students work at their pace on the project of their choice. Projects include: drawing, painting, wood sculpture and more.

Note: The Instructors goal is to have equal time with each student in the class. The following projects are too time consuming to do in this class: soldering/metal work or airbrushing. These subjects can be practiced in one of the following classes: fish carving, airbrush, making habitat, making bird feet, and one-on-one classes.

We recommend one-on-one classes for students who need help with projects that are more advanced or difficult in nature. Call Josh to schedule a session. They can range from one hour to several days depending on the students preference. Josh can also arrange one-on-one video chat consultations for students who are out of state or cannot get to a studio class.

Wednesday nights Class fee: $40 per person, per class  ( 5pm-8pm)

Saturday all day Class fee: $80 per person, per class  (9am-3pm)

Supply fee-TBD: based on the size of project and materials needed to accomplish it 

The supply fee covers: wood cut-outs, paint and supplies, glass eyes, other materials like glue, and quick wood.

Students who own equipment are expected to bring it to classes at the Guge Institute. The extra tools at the studio are intended for students who do not yet have their own.  Students who damage Guge Institute tools are responsible for replacing them.

Number of students per class 6-12. Classes may be cancelled if fewer than 6 students have signed up.

Registration and Payments

  • Students should register 2 days prior to the class start time by calling, texting or emailing Josh.
  • The first 12 people to register will reserve a spot in the class. Students cant come to class without signing up.
  • Students need to notify the instructor of cancelations 24 hours before the class begins. Those that reserve a spot and do not show up for the class, will owe a $20 fee.
  • Students are responsible to transport their artwork to and from the class. (There is no storage for art at the studio)
  • Deposits are required for classes that cost more than $80.
  • Class fees are due at the end of each class.
  • If paying by check make payments written to Guge Art Inc.

If you have any questions please call Josh 224-629-0581 or e-mail [email protected].