Habitat Tool List

  1. pencil and sketch pad
  2. table lamp
  3. extension cord & plug-in strip
  4. foredom or micro motor high speed tool
  5. assorted bits and burrs (Josh uses burs for roughing and diamonds for refining)
  6. dust collector
  7. round-nose pliers
  8. metal cutting scissors
  9. device for holding brass while soldering (alligator clamps-extra hands)
  10. wood burner
  11. forceps
  12. butane torch (mini)
  13. butane
  14.  flux
  15. solder (silver solder is preferred but not necessary-and a smaller gauge is easier to work with)
  16. brass rod & tubing (assorted sizes that fit into each other)
  17. mini tubing bender set
  18. sculpting tools and spatulas (dental tools) for working with epoxy
  19. fiberglas reinforced cut-off disc and mandrel (made by dremmel)
  20. 7/8” Snap-on sanding discs & snap-on mandrel -3/32” shank
  21. brown scotch brite pad
  22. modeling paste
  23. quick wood
  24. ribbon epoxy (blue\yellow)
  25. fix it epoxy
  26. durham’s water putty (small container is plenty)
  27. super glue (ZAP A GAP is good-thick glue)(gel glue will not work)
  28. dull cote 1260 spray
  29. pallet paper
  30. spray bottle
  31. hair dryer
  32. old phone book
  33. paper towels
  34. water container
  35. baking soda
  36. bring an assortment of various sized pieces of scrap wood to make rocks, sticks, shells, etc.
  37. bring several small plastic containers for mixing materials

Josh will have most of these habitat tools available for sale at the class. He will also provide the paints for the class. If you have any questions please call Josh 224-629-0581 or e-mail [email protected].