Fish Carving

Fish Tool and Paint List

What to bring:

  1. Reference materials (some will be provided)
  2. Pencils and Sketch pad
  3. Pair of Dividers
  4. Extension Cord and multiple outlet box
  5. Table lamp
  6. Foredom and/or High Speed Tool
  7. Quickwood
  8. Super Glue
  9. Wood Burner
  10. Dust Collector
  11. Grinding & Texturing Bits
  12. Paint brush with a good point
  13. Assortment of Filbert brushes (rounded end brushes)
  14. Palette and Palette Knife for Color Mixing
  15. Water Container
  16. Paper Towels
  17. Spray Bottle
  18. Gesso & Stiff Brush for Application
  19. Hair Dryer
  20. Acrylic Paints
  21. Painters tape
  22. Airbrush, hose, and compressor
  23. Razor scale tips (ask Josh what size scale tip will be used for your fish)
  24. Paint stick and base to hold your fish while painting

Josh will be mixing colors for everyone in the class.

There will be a $20 material fee which will includes wood cut out, paint, pattern and reference materials. A study cast will also be provided to use throughout the class and can be purchased if desired.

Please make your payment to Josh Guge at the beginning of class, if you have any questions please call Josh 224-629-0581 or e-mail [email protected].