Open Studio

These classes are held weekly as long as Josh is in town. Please check the schedule for more details and classes. An Open Studio class allows students to start a new project or get help on any current project they are working on. Projects include: drawing, painting, or wood sculpture.

Note: The Instructors goal is to have equal time with each student. The following projects are too time consumming to do in this class: soldering/metal work or airbrushing. These can be done in a class where these techniques are taught or in a one-on-one setting.

Fee: $40 per person

$20 supply fee per person per project

The supply fee covers: average size cut-outs (bigger sizes will be extra), paint, paint supplies, pattern, reference, glass eyes, cast feet, misc. materials like glue, quickwood.

Number of students per class 6-12

Registration and Payments

  • Students can register by calling or texting Josh at 224-629-0581 or by emailing Laura¬†[email protected]
  • The first 12 people to register will reserve a spot in any given class. (Open Studio classes)
  • Students need to notify the instructor 48 hours before a cancelation of a class. This will give the instructor significant time to prepare for the class. Those that reserve a spot and do not show up for the class, will owe a $10 fee due at the next class.
  • Students are responsible to transport their artwork/sculptures to and from class as their will be no storage room available in the studio.
  • Deposits are required for classes that cost more than $80.
  • Class fees are due at the beginning of each class.
  • Make payments written to Josh Guge

Please make your payment to Josh Guge at the beginning of class, if you have any questions please call Josh 224-629-0581 or e-mail [email protected].