Evening Open studio

Oct 9, 2019 - 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Elgin, IL

open studio come and work on your own projects, open to all artists reserve your spot for this class

Wednesday Open Studio class-  5pm-8pm

These classes are held weekly as long as Josh is in town. Please check the schedule on www.gugeinstitute.com. An Open Studio class allows students to start a new project or get help on any current project they are working on. Projects include: drawing, painting, or wood sculpture.

NOTE: The Instructors goal is to have equal time with each student. The following projects are too time consumming to do in this class: soldering/metal work or airbrushing. These can be done in a class where these techniques are taught or in a one-on-one setting.

Fee: $40 per person

$TBD supply fee per person per project

The supply fee covers: average size cut-outs (bigger sizes will be extra), paint, paint supplies, pattern, reference, glass eyes, cast feet, misc. materials like glue, quickwood.

Number of students per class 6-12

Registration and Payments

  • Students can register by calling or texting Josh at 224-629-0581 or by emailing Laura [email protected]

  • The first 12 people to register will reserve a spot in any given class. (Open Studio classes)

  • Students need to notify the instructor 48 hours before a cancelation of a class. This will give the instructor significant time to prepare for the class. Those that reserve a spot and do not show up for the class, will owe a $10 fee due at the next class.

  • Students are responsible to transport their artwork/sculptures to and from class as their will be no storage room available in the studio.

  • Deposits are required for classes that cost more than $80.

  • Class fees are due at the beginning of each class.

  • Make payments written to Guge Art Inc.

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