Gathering of Woodcarvers 1 day Painting Goldfinch Illinois

Aug 7, 2017 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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GOW 1 day Painting a Goldfinch with Josh Guge

This class will take place at the Fairgrounds in Sandwich, IL.

   Classes for the G.O.W. will be at the Fairgrounds in Sandwich, IL  in the Commercial Exhibits Bldg.
(Take Rte. 34 west of downtown Sandwich. Turn right on Fairwind Blvd. and then left onto Suydam Rd. – Fairgrounds will be on the right; entrance for G.O.W. attendees will be clearly marked.)

In this class, students will learn all the intricacies of painting a goldfinch. Students can bring a carved goldfinch (sealed) ready to paint to the class. They will also have the option to purchase a study cast and paint that in the class.  


One of the most common things that carvers struggle with on their sculptures is the painting. Unfortunately, in a bird carving class there is never adaquate time to completely finish the painting of the bird. Painting is a weakness of bird carvers because they spend alot more time practicing their carving than their painting. In this class, the focus will be all on painting. Josh will cover all the techniques that help him achieve a soft, realistic looking bird.


If students are interested in carving a goldfinch before the class, they can get ahold of Josh to order a study cast or they can enroll in an Open Studio at the Guge Institute in Elgin.


This is not an airbrush class, all techniques will be taught by hand.  


There will be a $10 supply fee.  Students are able to purchace the study cast at an extra charge of $32.


Students need to contact Josh by July 1st to let him know if they will need a cast for the class. 224-629-0581,


Supply List:


Good light

Extention cord(multiple plug outlets)

Paint brishes(josh like to use Filberts- rounded end brushes) Also something with a good point for detail.

Water container

Paper towel

Pallet paper

Pen and paper for notes


Hair dyer

Pallet contained for keeping paints wet

Refrence on the goldfinch


Josh will provide all the paint for the class.  Students do not need to bring paint.

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